Simit Tribu

We Are All Artists
We are all unique. We are all free. We are all artists. And we all want to play the leading role in our own story.

Restyled blue work shirt in upcycled fabrics_Munich
Short flared skirt in upcycled fabrics_Bruxelles_front
Two-tone shirt in upcycled fabrics_Munich
Retro blue vest in cotton Oeko-tex and upcycled fabric_Paris

We sing about our uniqueness
Because all we want is the freedom to express our personality

Retro yellow vest in cotton Oeko-tex and upcycled fabric_Paris

We dance in new worlds
Because our clothes can also stimulate other imaginations

We draw our own path
Because following our creative impulses creates true diversity!

I know the tune and the song, baby! I’m a rockstar – We’re here to shine

Timeless materials, modern lines, recycling,
upcycling, eco-friendly design, conscious
consumption – let us tell you new stories while
reducing our impact on the environment.

Enjoy with our Spring – Summer collection!

Thanks to Idris, Pamir, Noemi, Akane, Tilda and Pau for that great shooting

Funfairs memories knock at your door. The smell of churros tickles your nose. When did you last ride in a bumper car? Tournez manège!

Let your kids embrace their freedom and Tournez manège!

Enjoy their uniqueness to celebrate diversity and Tournez manège!

Combine timeless materials and modern lines with the collection Tournez manège. Made from recycling, upcycling and the use of eco-friendly materials, the collection makes the most of what already exists.

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